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Steve Gregson

The Elves and The Shoemaker has been adapted from the Brothers Grimm story by the ensemble over two years with, with text written by playwright and actor (Shoemaker) Matthew Seager.


This production was developed directly with target audiences, involving dementia and additional needs groups as well as leading theatre venue audiences in the creation. The company focus on heightened sensory and interactive storytelling, enabling people of all abilities to engage.


We hope that everyone will find something uniquely engaging, that makes them laugh, reminisce, be surprised and ultimately feel a huge sense of joy and connection with the creative team and audience in the present moment.


Our theory is, that by creating theatre with access needs at the forefront of the creative process, we create a more engaging theatre for everybody. This show is for everyone. Our ensemble of creatives research and develop theatre techniques that are engaging for those with additional needs, those with dementia as well as those who identify as neurotypical. We believe that audiences of all abilities should be able to sit together and enjoy a show as equals, in whatever way they want to do that - and to break the conventions of traditional audience behaviour, because then we all have a lot more fun! The theatre space is our audiences as much as it's ours and we want them to enjoy, participate and respond as they wish.  Audible engagement is brilliant, it brings the show alive ad we want regular theatre goers to feel comfortable in a audible and present audience environment.

Written in 1806 by the Brother’s Grimm the tale was originally the first and longest story in a series of three fairy tales entitled The Elves. It follows a failing shoemaker at Christmas time, who one morning awakes to discover a perfect pair of shoes, already made, sitting at his work table. Each morning the same mysterious occurrence takes place, helping him make his fortune. A story of hard work rewarded, the perfect treat for a frosty afternoon.

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