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A MAP TO YOU (2022 -23) - Life Stories from the Living

A Map to You - Life stories from the living podcast

In our final stages of the project We want to capture and share as many stories as possible. Throughout the series, we will be getting to know members of dementia social groups in south east london. Each week we’ll joining these groups to uncover stories by engaging in conversation and storytelling activities. These stories will be adapted and recorded by a group of writer/performers for the podcast. We’ll also have special guests each week and discuss the importance of social stimulation, conversation and arts based activities for those living with dementia.

The podcast launches with our first episode at 6pm on Tuesday 7th February presented by Thomas Judd featuring the writing by Laura Harling and Vicky Gaskin, inspired by the life stories from members of the Daffodil cafe in Nunhead. The episode features the voices of actors Darrel Bailey, Robert Hickson, Laura Harling and Thomas Judd.

Listen here on Spotify

Supported by The City Bridge Trust



A MAP TO YOU (2021 - 22)

An immersive experience of four new short plays inspired by the rich memories of those living with dementia

Written by Louise Coulthard, Laura Harling, Nicole Latchana & A.C Smith for the workshop participants from Link Age Southwark and Brian, Pauline, Maria, George & Diana.

Directed & designed by Laura Harling

“Imagine the past to remember the future”

A Map to You tells the vibrant life stories shared with playwrights by individuals living with dementia and their families. Inspired by the unique connections between playwright and participant and a series of online, creative storytelling workshops with a dementia peer group, The Dot Collective transformed community space, Longfield Hall into an immersive experience of four short plays.


A Map to You brought rich memories to life as audiences were led through four different rooms. At the top of a precipice they looked out at The View by Laura Harling. Then, they stepped into the shed for On the Go by Louise Coulthard. The common room hosted Brushstrokes by Nicole Latchana and a quest for the audience revealed Moon and Stars by A.C. Smith.

Spotlighting the person not the dementia, The Dot Collective raises awareness and reshapes the way we respond to the disease through theatre performance, while creating positive experiences for participants and allowing creativity and personality to thrive.

You can experience the plays as audio books, in print and on film here




Reviews for previous work:

“life-enhancing theatre.”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide

“Instead of focusing on the impact of dementia I saw snapshots of vivid and invigorating life”

★★★★ Everything Theatre

“A brave positive work”

★★★★ The Guardian

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