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Providing professional theatre in care; to reduce isolation and create positive experiences for those living with dementia. 

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An immersive journey through memory

 Four new, short plays written in collaboration with those living with dementia

There are one hundred trillion synapses in the human brain. Signals that form memories and thoughts move through an individual nerve cell as a tiny electrical charge, and those nerve cells connect to one another at synapses. In the lead up to Dementia Action Week 2019, The Dot Collective transformed the Old Vic Workrooms into an immersive world of memory and experience. 


Inspired by workshops with dementia groups during Dementia Action Week in 2018, One Hundred Trillion brought to life their characters and stories through promenade short plays. Audiences were led through the four plays of One Hundred Trillion, set over four different rooms. The Memory Room  hosted Frames by Chantelle Dusette, and a 1970's Living Room was home to I Could Have Danced All Night by Margaret Perry. Audiences were led to the Allotment, which hosted Lucy Grace’s Topsoil, and finally the London Bus Garage saw Lily Bevan’s London Bus performed.