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Part 1 - The Bookcase Analogy, adapted by Laura Harling

Part 2 - Making of & Frames by Chantelle Dusette & The Daffodil Cafe

Part 3 - I Could Have Danced All Night by Margaret Perry & The Primrose Cafe

Part 4 - Top Soil by Lucy Grace & Link Age Southwark

Part 5 - London Bus by Lily Bevan & The Healthy Living Club



“Instead of performances focusing on the devastating impact of dementia I saw snapshots of vivid and invigorating life”

Everything Theatre

“These performances raise awareness and increase understanding but they are also life-enhancing theatre.”

British Theatre Guide

“A true work of brilliance, sensitively crafted and authentically shown, touching the audience on a human level.”

The Spy in the Stalls

"The strength of the production lies in the abilities of the entire ensemble, who come together to produce a performance that is both joyous and meaningful."

The Upcoming

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