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By Alexander Moschos | Directed by Matthew Parker

“A brave, positive work about dementia”The Guardian

"A show not to be missed" - Brighton Fringe

"Time-shifting action with flair" - The Stage


Step into the belly of the Blue Whale, where the dancers are hot and the music is cool. You're handed a drink sent by a mysterious woman at the end of the bar, who invites you to take a trip on her own special rollercoaster...


Brainville at Night is a stylish adventure into the film noir-ish world of Ingrid's memories and imagination. So what if the doctors tell her that she lacks insight and the ability to empathise? Nothing is going to stop Ingrid – labels like "fronto-temporal dementia" never meant anything to her anyway. Whatever happens, she carries the love, excitement and romance of her life within her.


“Tremendously powerful and heartfelt, hugely uplifting” – Female Arts


“Excellent”Everything Theatre



“A fantastically intense and thought provoking piece” The British Theatre Guide