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Our work provides stimulation, entertainment and a shared experience for our audiences. We tour to communities that cannot travel to the theatre for various reasons. This being most prominent in care environments, for those living with physical frailties, dementia and learning difficulties.

Our productions are of a high professional standard, bringing not just the play but the aesthetic and idea of the theatre to the care centre. The productions include sensory elements such as  music and puppetry making it engaging for all but accessible for those living with learning difficulties, physical frailties and dementia. It is an interactive performance between cast and audience, fully engaging and gently immersing them into the world of the play.

The Dot Collective has conducted research into theatre for people living with dementia including talks and visits with charity, the Alzheimer's society, care specialists and academics. This research is used in workshops to develop our productions as well as the feedback we receive from care providers after our shows. All our company members take part in a dementia information session delivered by a Dementia Champion on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society which ensures that our company members have a basic understanding of dementia. With this knowledge in tow, our productions are not only professional, but support our audience and clients needs. 

‘I feel I must contact your theatre group to express my appreciation for the performance you gave this afternoon. Though my mother has dementia and may not have understood the show she enjoyed. It really did raise her spirits to hear instruments being played, enjoy live singing and see colourful costumes. I do hope you



Audience member – Darlington Court Care UK

‘What an absolutely brilliant experience. What was most noticeable for me was not only seeing the very evident enjoyment and animation on the faces of the residents, but also the fact that this is a production that was a real family affair - something that can sometimes be difficult to achieve for those with very limited mobility. I particularly noticed how wonderfully sensitive and caring they were in their interactions with the residents whilst setting up. A great play, brilliantly acted. I hope this can be a more regular event!’


Fildema Harris – Audience member Bowes House, Hailsham

‘Despite the clients having a diagnosis of Dementia and some with limited communication, they loved the performance and in particular the singing and lighting effects. It was also interactive and the clients and staff were able to participate. The feedback overall was really positive and a real treat for the clients over the festive period’


– Andrea Januszewka (Phoenix centre, Lewes)

‘Thoroughly enjoyed by all and was being discussed for quite some time after hoping that a further production was going to be arranged’


Tracy Fears - (Warwick House, Seaford Care centre)

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