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Show information:



Show Title:               A Midsummer Night's Dream (Open-air)

Director:                   Laura Harling


Length:                     The show will last 1 hour

Tour Dates:               June 2019

Show times:              11am, 3.30pm, 7pm

Region:                     East Sussex/London


Suitability                  Any age. The production is accessible for all including those living with

                                 dementia, physical and sensory disabilities.

Cost:                         Please get in touch here 



Our set up requirements:


  • We will need an outside space (Garden/courtyard), or a dinning room/lounge area, adequate in size with chairs to host all your residents and any other guests as well as a clear area to stage our show.


  • We will arrive at your home 120 minutes before the performance starts


  •  We ask that we can have the space at the time of our arrival to set up and prepare for our show


  • We will need 60 minutes after the performance to pack away


  • We will travel to your care home with a van with all our set and production elements. Please can you ensure that parking is available for us on arrival. If not, please notify us in the form provided so that we can make other arrangements.


  • Prior to the show, we will visit you for a general meeting and deliver posters and flyers to your home to get your residents and their families excited! 



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