A Map to You is a storytelling project that will connect families living with dementia to professional playwrights. We'll provide a series of sensory, reminiscent storytelling activities and workshops to create memory based, new short plays. The short plays will be produced for performance and film, with public performances and online screenings, for a diverse audience.

Developing new plays

Connecting families with playwrights to share memories. 

We’ll connect 3 professional playwrights with people living with dementia to share their memories.

Story mapping and communication

We'll facilitate group storytelling and reminiscence workshops where the writer will collaborate with participants to turn their memories into short plays.


We'll also be connecting each playwright with a family, creating a person-centred story by communicating through: video/audio calls, letters, postcards, memorabilia and socially distant visits.

Theatre and Media Production

The plays will be produced as short films, theatre, an audio book and in print. 

Participants will receive copies of their play as an audio book, film and in print. A home cinema family screening will be provided alongside a public streaming online and in a venue. They will be produced as a professional production for all, accessible for those with dementia